The Silver lining of being out of commission

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At the moment I should be riding around the desert in MOAB Utah with a group of weekend warriors but instead I’m currently riding the pine as they say in team sports. I’m recovering from a nasty lung infection and haven’t even been able to work or leave the house.  Truth is I think I may have found the silver lining after spending almost 2 weeks on the bench.

Taking time to focus in on a few other details in life can get you a long way and help you refocus your time and energy!

My past week has been all about working from home playing catch up, investing time in my business, scheduling clinics, clients time off and planning each session with purpose. I even managed to create the majority of my billing for the season in advance which is a huge time saver.  I reconnected with old clients and engaged a number of new ones that have turned up to be solid leads.  I have finished a book I’ve been reading and working on another.  I’m actually feeling highly productive and refreshed about how this has all turned out.  One of the other things I’ve had the opportunity to do is catch up on all my favorite podcasts.

So the next time your “riding the pine” take the time to rest and recover while doing all those other things you put off to ride your bike and play outside. It feels great to be caught up!

Some of my favorite listens….


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