Recap of the past 6 months with Cycling-101

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The last six moths have beed a whirl wind of fun and exciting happenings.  With it being so busy I have had little time to keep everyone in the loop with social media and blog posts so I’m going to try and capture a few of the fun details in this post!

So here we go….On the coaching front I have been busy with the RMCC Rampage race program as well as working with a number of masters level athletes that have had amazing seasons.

On the instruction side of things we have been busy with riders of all ages and ability including Stella my youngest client at the age of six! We also traveled to Grand Prairie and to Camrose to put on special mountain bike clinincs for some pretty big groups of avid riders looking to improve their skill sets as riders and coaches.

On the guiding front things have been steady and going very well with triders from all over the globe asking for the best of thest in trail selection.  We have had guests from Sctotland,  Ireland, Australia, New Zealand the United States Mexico, Belgium and all over the United States.

On the gear end of things a few upgrades this year in the bike technology side of things have us excited including the new Scott Spark 700 Tuned Plus (a killer race bike with 29 and 650 plus wheel options), The Salsa Redpoint (an amazing guiding and instruction bike at 150mm of travel) The all new Trek 1120 bike packing rig with integrated racks in the 29+ category has hit the mark. The all new Manitou Mastadon fat bike fork will be making its fat bike debut this fall & winter and detailed reviews are still to come.

Locally we have been helping out with promotion of Grizzly Events, getting our hands dirty with some trail work and leading out weekly group rides from Rebound Cycle.  We have also been participating in a few local events and having a blast along the way!  Cycling-101 has also started a small coaching group of local coaches that meet 1 -2 times per month to share ideas and to learn from each others coaching experiences.  This is a closed group at the moment but we may be looking for a few additions to the group in the new year.

Next week we will be off to Bend Oregon to run race support for a Cycling-101 athlete competing in the 24 hours of Bend and we might even get a few rides in during the trip!

We are also very excited to have Cycling-101 be represented in the Spandex Panda Cartoon Series in the near future with the introduction of Pedro the Chihuahua from Canmore!

On the ambassador side of things Cycling-101 is now  on board and representing a whole whack of brands including: Spandex Panda Clothing, F2C nutrition, Naak bar, Veloguide, Slasa & Scott bikes as well as Rebound Cycle.  Each partnership is unique and some even have great promo codes for you all to use and save a few bucks.

Rebound Cycle – Get 25% off Rentals with Promo Code Cycling-101

Spandex Panda – Show your support for the SPVC with Promo Code Pedro 

Veloguides – Get a FREE guided ride when using Promo Code Ryan38 at the time of sign up

F2C Nutrition – Save 15% on your on-line orders when you use Promo Code Ryan15

All in all the 2017 season has been a blast and the offerings keep getting bigger and better!!! Bring on the snow Fat biking awaits!

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