Nestled in the Canadian Rockies in the small town of Canmore, Alberta, a small business was in the making.  A business that was being shaped by a vast number of cycling experiences and events hosted all over the world.  From 7 day stage races, to 24 Hour Solo events experiences were had, lessons were learned, adversity plentiful hence “Cycling-101 was born”.

“Cycling-101” is dedicated to my amazing wife Kristen and our loving fur kids.  Along with the support of our closest family, friends, co-workers and sponsors who have spent endless days and nights beleiving in and helping us achieve our cycling and life related goals.  Without them “Cycling -101” would not have been possible and without their encouragment and support it would not be a resource for other cyclists and athletes to embrasse and enjoy.

Welcome to………Cycling-101.

The DIRT- Cycling 101 is a culmination of over two decades of ultra endurance racing, over 10 years of bike fitting, over 10 years of coaching, over 10 years of indoor cycling instruction and 14 years of bike industry experience at the retail and managment level.

Our Mission – Empower cyclists of all levels to maximize their potential through customized professional, safe & fun interactions on and off the bike.

Experience – With over 18 years of Ultra Endurance racing experience Ryan Draper founder of Cycling 101 has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and know how in the sport of cycling.   Taking the knowledge and passion for the sport and making it accessible to you is now his mission.

Customization – Cycling 101 takes cyclings fundamentals breaks them down in a teachable format and creates a 100% customized experience for each and every client.

Fundamentals – Focusing on the execution of the basics of bike handling skills, bike fit, on trail bike set up, training techniques, mental preparation, race preparation, mechanical support and so much more. With Cycling 101’s help you will learn to maximize your time spent on and off your bike and reach your cycling goals.

No Limitations – Whether you are looking to improve basic bike handling skills over a few hours of instruction, need a plan to do your first race or fondo or looking to compete in an International multi day stage race Cycling 101 can help.

Choose your Weapon – With experience in mountain (x-c & all mountain), road, touring, cross, triathlon bike packing and fat biking the possibilities are endless.

Connected –  Cycling 101 has solid working relationships in the bike industry at a retail level, supplier level, product testing and so much more. Beyond the bike industry his relationships with the medical community, massage, physio-therapists and personal trainers is broad and can lead you in the right direction for recovery & injury prevention on & off the bike.