Mountain / Fat / Road / Gravel / Triathlon Bike Fitting in your Home or on the Road / Trail

A 2 Hour on trail bike fit & setup with a certified bike fitter equipped with tools and the latest technology (Shock Wiz) for suspension set up. Making adjustments to bike set up, suspension, tire pressures as well as cues for better riding are all part of the package.

Having the proper bike fit is key for a pain free and efficient ride. With a level 2 bike fit certification our in home fitter can bring all the tools needed to perform a professional bike fit in your home on your trainer. During the warmer months fittings can be done in real time while riding with you on the road.


New in 2021

For 2021 we have partnered with Dynamic Cyclist for all of our strength and conditioning programs. Dynamic Cyclist is a web based platform for cyclist looking to gain strength range of motion, flexibility, rehab from injury or simply recover faster. Receive a discount code to get your full year subscription to Dynamic Cyclists extensive library of videos when you book a fit with us.

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