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Alan Hobson

2-Time Cancer Survivor, Mt. Everest Climber & Summiteer, Bestselling Author, Speaker and World Adventurer

Ryan has an encyclopedic knowledge of cycling and all things related to peak performance in sport. Beyond that, he has an even more impressive ability to clearly communicate this knowledge and teach others how to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Ed Pope

Successful CEO and Entrepreneur

Orange County, California, United States

As a Coach, Ryan brings a very rare blend of experience, science based sport training, and a real intuition of his clients needs to his passion to help people become better bike riders - be they brand new beginners, intermediate riders looking to get better technically or aerobically, or elite racers looking to improve their game. Additionally, his knowledge of the latest bike gear, athletic clothing and training tools is unparalleled in my experience. Ryan was instrumental in coaching and mentoring me as a novice rider through my first 24 Hour Solo Race and then on to competing, and being on the podium, in numerous ultra-distance races internationally, including the "World Mountain Bike Championships - Solo 24 Hours" last year. I look forward to competing in the 2015 World Mountain Bike Championships with him at my side, running my pit area and coaching me. I am in my 50's and have had the privilege of having a number of important world class teachers, coaches and mentors in my life and Ryan is certainly in that category. He brings a deep caring, passion, patience, respect and perspective to the people in his life and all that he touches. I am eternally grateful for all he has done for me and for my development as a competitive cycling athlete.

Laurie & Gary Buxton

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Ryan has been a source of cycling expertise and support for our family for the last 13 years. It’s hard to think where to begin as we have utilized and valued his input in so many different aspects... He has supported, mentored and coached us on our journey from recreational cyclists to standing on the podium as mountain bike racers.

As a store manager Ryan has guided us through numerous bike, clothing, nutrition and accessory equipment purchases - always taking the time to share a wealth of knowledge and information that has helped us to make educated and confident choices.

As a coach he has shared not only his vast technical knowledge about how to train for success using the latest Power based technology, but also his heart, soul and passion as he has supported, encouraged and guided us on our various athletic challenges.

Ryan’s passion for all things cycling is infectious, and we are deeply grateful to him for sharing that with us as it has afforded us profound life experiences and personal growth as athletes... and as human beings!

Tony Smith

Grizzly Mountain Events

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

I've had the pleasure of working with Ryan Draper for six years on a number of cycling related business initiatives and event partnerships. I've always found Ryan to be extremely knowledgeable and professional in his approach. I'd not hesitate to recommend Ryan's first class service delivery to all aspiring cyclist enthusiasts.

Dr. James Baergen

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

I have consistently found Ryan to be friendly, knowledgeable and more than willing to help with any cycling related interests. He shares his enthusiasm for the sport and all its facets freely and enjoys contributing to and facilitating others enjoyment of our inspiring, ever-evolving two wheeled lifestyle.

Dr. Joseph Van Niekerk & Wilma Van Niekerk

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Even though we do not live in Canmore, we have developed a loyalty to, and trust in Ryan over the past 6 years. Both my husband and I were new to road cycling and had bought bikes elsewhere, that were not necessarily the best fit for us. We met Ryan when he did bike fits for us and our riding has never been the same. Since then, he has guided us through numerous purchases ranging from kid's bikes to carbon fibre road bikes, with the same degree of care and enthusiasm. (As to his honesty, let me just say that I am forever grateful that he managed to talk us out of an ill conceived plan to buy a Tandem). His love for all things cycling related is contagious and he freely shares his expertise without intimidating. He has assisted us with developing a winter training program for our local indoor cycling group. He is a well of information about nutrition and even post injury recovery! From racing at Provincial level to finding the best trail to ride with the kids, he is our "Go To" guy.

Don Blackett

Barrister & Solicitor

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Ryan has provided invaluable support and coaching to me over the past several years. As a bicycle retailer, his product knowledge and support is unparalleled. As a spin class leader and coach, he has inspired me to push harder than ever before. We are very fortunate to have Ryan Draper serving the cycling community in Canmore and beyond. Very satisfied customer, participant and friend.

Natalie Cooper

Venture Support Integrator Shell Canada Limited

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

10 weeks post birth of my son I was ecstatic to be transition back on the mountain bike. I started off a bit scared but soon found myself back ripping through the trails I love. I used the memory bank of skills and techniques that Ryan had taught me over the years to harness my passion and enthusiasm of sport into results. - 'listen to your body and your mind', 'it's about the journey, not the race'. 'to do achieve something different, you need to do something different'. So, while I will be too busy with my new  journey of parenthood to tackle any more ironmans or mountain bike stage races in the near future, I will be using my memory bank of Ryan's coaching to make every workout count and hold myself accountable.

Glenn Isaac

Manager of Environment TransAlta Corporation

Canmore, Alberta Canada

I feel very fortunate to have worked with Ryan over the past decade as I’ve embraced the world of road biking, triathlon and mountain biking. From the moment I walked in off the street and told him I signed up for my first endurance race, he took a personal interest in helping me get to where I am today. He helped me buy the “right” bike; made sure it fit perfectly; developed a personalized program that fit my lifestyle and goals, and above all made time for a coffee or beer just to keep in touch with where I was in my training and life. His passion and approach to fitness and bikes is above anyone else I’ve encountered in the business and he strives to be up to date on the latest most effective tools and techniques to provide to his athletes.   He is dedicated to continuous learning and it shows in everything he does.  His personality and coaching style have suited my busy lifestyle, and his guidance and wisdom have enabled me to achieve many of my multi-sport goals over the years. Ryan has always met and exceeded my expectations, and overtime he has not only been my coach but he has become my friend.


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